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Small Talk - Singing & Signing with Your Baby

In this interactive parenting workshop learn how to talk to your hearing baby with American Sign Language, and how musical play lays the groundwork for speech - rhythm being the basis to language. Singing, rhythmical music games and finger-play engage both hemispheres of the brain, enhancing the development of your child's cognitive, motor, and memory skills. And research has proven conclusively that once hearing babies are taught to sign, their brains actually become more developed! Benefits include preverbal communication, earlier speech development, enhanced intellectual development, earlier toilet training, and less frustration(less crying, fewer tantrums!).

Fee: $50 per single or couple

(includes "Teach Your Child to Sign" DVD).

Transfer requests are granted only when the request is received at least one week prior to the start of the original class. No refunds will be given for cancellations.

10500 Montgomery Rd Cincinnati, Oh. 45242

Schreiner Conference Room
Turn into Bethesda North Hospital at the main entrance (10500 Montgomery Road). Continue on the main drive towards Lot 3 parking (the closet lot to the right of the front entrance). Park in this lot and enter the hospital through the main doors. To the left of the information desk you will see an elevator. Take that elevator to the 2nd floor. Exit the elevator and make a sharp right turn immediately. That hallway leads right into the Schreiner Room.

375 Dixmyth Ave Cincinnati Oh 45220

4th Floor Conference Center
Enter and park in the Visitor's Garage off of Dixmyth Avenue. Once inside the parking garage, try to park by the Red Elevators. Take the Red Elevators to Lobby level. Turn left off of the elevators and bear right around the bend. The North Elevators will be next on your right. Take the North Elevators to the 4th floor. Exit the elevators, head north, and you will walk directly into the conference center. Proceed further into the conference center and you will see the conference rooms on the left side labeled A, B, C.

3rd floor Dr. Baggish, Dr. Cranley, Dr. Smith ,Dr. Saladin Medical Education Rooms

3rd floor Dr. Baggish, Dr. Cranley, Dr.Smith Dr. Saladin Medical Education Rooms
Enter and park in the Dixmyth Avenue Visitor's Garage. Once inside the parking garage, try to park by the Red Elevators (they are in the right corner of the garage). Take the Red Elevators to Level C. Enter the hospital on Level C. Once inside the hospital take the North Tower Elevators (on your right) to Level 3. Once off the elevators turn right and turn right again at the first hallway. The classrooms are at the end of the hallway.
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Fee: $50.00
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