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Unmedicated Birth Class CEA

Co-sponsored by Childbirth Education Association (CEA)

ENROLL MOTHER ONLY. Your birth partner is encouraged to attend this class with you at no additional fee.
Once enrolled, you should get a confirmation email with classroom directions in about 15 minutes.

*Bring two bed-size pillows and a blanket to class.

Breastfeeding Class and Cesarean Delivery class are offered free of charge if you enroll in this class.

To register for FREE CEA 2-hour Breastfeeding Class and free Cesarean Delivery class, go to the CEA Breastfeeding and Cesarean Delivery class separately, click which day you want to attend, fill out the form, and under Fee Option, choose CEA Childbirth classes. You MUST pay for one of the CEA childbirth classes to get the Breastfeeding Class and Cesarean Delivery Class free.
Start by clicking the Add to Cart button next to a desired Section. A form will popup.
Enter an Enrollee's Name, Address etc. Then click Save to add it to the shopping cart.
To check out or review your shopping cart, click on View Cart at the top.
Fee: $100.00
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Register Section Name Date Time Location Open Slots
  Good Samaritan-Wednesday  10/16/2019 - 11/20/2019  7:00 PM - 9:00 PM  Baggish Room #1 3rd Floor